Monday, October 25, 2010

HeyAllday Handmade

So I've been up to something. My biggest craft project yet! I've started a business. On Etsy. Selling handmade bags. Yay!!!!!!

The idea to start HeyAllday Handmade came from a mixture of two things: 1) a handful of requests from people who have seen my bags and wanted to buy them, and 2) something that feels like a childhood yearning to build a lemonade stand. About a month or so ago, I decided to finally go for it. I was in the elevator with two coworkers, both of whom had those nifty nylon shopping bags that stuff down into a little attached nylon pouch. We all had these bags at one time, given to us as a promo from a paper supplier, but since I'd lost mine soon after receiving it, I had made one for myself using a vintage '70s kaleidoscopic print in orange, yellow, and cream. I pulled this bag out of my purse to show the girls in the elevator, and they gave me such a positive response that I went home and decided I'd start making them to sell. So here I am, presenting to you my first batch of HeyAllday Handmade reusable grocery bags.

Why make reusable grocery bags? Well, I've always been a bit stumped on what I can do to save (or at the very least not further ruin) the planet. Sometime in the last decade I decided that if I were to do one thing to help the planet, it would be to stop using plastic bags. Over the years, I've almost completely eradicated them from my life. But you have to train yourself to do this--you've got to remember to bring that bag with you. This is why the stuff bag design is key!!

A tiny little 3" x 4" pouch is sewn inside of the larger bag. So when you're not using it, you stuff the big bag into the pouch, and voila!...

...You have a little pouch that you can drop into your purse or backpack or man-bag or what have you. (OK, I've gotta work on getting more masculine fabrics. The bags shown below are the current palette.)

For a fabulous demo on how to stuff the bag into the tinier bag, watch this video. Julie is a very good stuffer! She successfully stuffs the bag in just 13 seconds.

Julie also made a fabulous model and co-stylist for our little photo shoot. After all, who has cooler clothes (and more importantly, cooler shoes) than Julie??

I also participated in the photo shoot and did things like wear funny hats.

So that's the scoop people. It's been a lot of work putting all of this together, but I'm loving every second of it. It's so fun to see a little collection blossom before my eyes and I can't wait to fill up my store with all sorts of things--not just bags. Maybe funny hats? We shall see!

Here's the url to my shop:

I of course hope you fall in love with one of these bags and simply have to snatch it up for yourself. And if you see something you think a friend or loved one would like, feel free to pass along the link (or just buy it for them. Right?) These bags literally make great stocking stuffers and are the perfect gift since you can fill them with things and the bag becomes the wrapping paper. For example, my friend Nicole had to go on a business trip during her birthday last year, so I made her a bag and stuffed it with People Magazine, gummy bears, and many tiny bottles of tequila. A little handmade + a little gossip mag + a little booze = good gift, right? (Obviously, you can use your imagination to tailor the gift to its recipient.)

That's it for now, folks. So happy to finally share this with all of you!

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  1. Liana! You're a businesslady! Mom and I were going crazy over your Etsy page this weekend. I think Mom wants to steal all of your ideas. (And you know how she likes to steal.)

    Everyone I know is getting bags for Christmas. Even you! Yee! (OK, not you. That was a joke.)