Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crotch Shot (with a Side of Daffodils)

So you know what's a bummer? When you discover that you are wearing a hole into the crotch of your favorite pair of jeans. You know what else is a bummer? When you discover that your second favorite pair of jeans is also getting a hole in the crotch at the exact same rate of deterioration!

This is what I came to discover in a fit of rage and horror a couple of weeks ago. In a panic I ran out and bought another pair of jeans. Which, for the record, I do not like nearly as much as the two pairs that immediately went into ICU (or rather, my mending pile.) The injured jeans then sat there for a while as I pondered my options. How best to repair? Simply tossing them out was NOT an option. I decided to take a traditional path--a good old iron-on denim repair kit.

I suspect that one is supposed to cut out a tiny piece of denim "repair kit" material and iron it onto the outside of the jeans. But how lame is that? I instead opted to apply this stiff, gluey fabric to the inside of my jeans and iron the crap out of it until it stayed firmly in place (no chafing, please!). And here is the montage of how it's done!

About three minutes later, both pairs of jeans were saved! Hallelujah. You can still see the worn down part on the outside of the jeans, but no longer any exposed flesh. (Which I'm sure we're all happy about.)

And most importantly, the patch will keep the worn down area from spreading, giving my jeans at least another six months to live. And maybe, just maybe, giving me enough time to find a new denim love before these pairs leave me to go on to a better place.

I would also like to take a moment to note how weird it is that both pairs of jeans were worn down in the exact same way. I mean, is one of my thighs bigger than the other? Is the flesh of one thigh made of sandpaper or perhaps sharp pebbles? Is my stride really so lopsided that, over time, my repetitive hunker can wear away one of the world's sturdiest fibers much like the Colorado River created the Grand Canyon? Guess so!

Finally, because it is somewhat tasteless to write an entire post about repairing the crotch of my jeans, I thought I'd fancy it up a little bit by sharing some photos of the springtime action in my garden. And so I leave you with some lovely images taken by my man, Robb--daffodils and wild tulips. Enjoy!

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