Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sleeves and Such

I wouldn't exactly call it a funk. That's not quite the state that I have been in. But I have been quiet, and that has been good. For me, for you, for all of us probably. Right? Unless you've missed hearing from me every week, in which case I would like to say I'm sorry...I've missed you, too! (Though you probably know I'm just saying that to make you feel better. And look, now I've made things weird. Sorry!)

Some time right after January I became very quiet. There were things I wanted to write, but then there was also Downton Abbey. I purchased two gigantic throw pillows from Target and only made the pillowcase for one. I dyed a dress and never wore it. I knit one mitten and didn't make the other. (I have such a huge pile of single socks and mittens...somebody, please, stop me from making things that must be made in doubles.) I also took on a new project: Project Eradicate My Belly Rolls. That's right, in January, like the rest of the schmucks out there in the universe, I decided to challenge myself to get very in shape for an impending trip to Mexico. My goal? To do whatever exercise necessary to make my stomach a bit flatter. So there has been pilates, and there has been hot yoga, and there has been compulsive usage of a calorie counting app on my phone that I lie to after almost every meal (sure...that was totally just a 1/4 cup of cheese...). I have had mixed results on the flat belly front, but I will say that exercising several times a week has been a blessing. The other day I was standing in line at Chipotle (I know, not ideal for the belly-slimming plan) and I realized, wow, nothing hurts on my body. Not a cramped shoulder or a sore back, not even a toothache or an itch on my toe. And that may be the best part of exercising...actually feeling good. Until I wolfed down my burrito bowl, anyway. Then I didn't feel so great.
So last weekend, as I embarked on a whiplash tour of the second season of Downton Abbey (and don't anyone say a WORD about season 3 because I haven't even started yet), I thought, you know I could be knitting right now. But instead of knitting a second mitten or sock, I scooped up Robb's sweater I have now been making for two years. The front and back are done, but the thing needs sleeves. And truthfully, I have been putting off the sleeves because the technique I'm supposed to do requires picking up stitches around the edges, then doing some math, then working short rows. So there were reference books to be referenced, online tutorials to be viewed, and notes to be sifted through. (Note that when designing your own sweater, it is never a great idea to leave off and pick up again a few months later.) But after an hour or so of sketching, measuring, and number-crunching, I was finally able to hit play and complete my sleeve cap while the war raged on in France.

Granted, I still have the rest of the sleeve to knit. And then I have to make a second sleeve--and you know how good I am with doubles--but the point is, things are happening. Slowly but surely, the sweater blob is turning into an actual sweater. Just as, slowly but surely, my belly rolls are in fact getting smaller! Though, I'm sorry, I'm not going to post a photo of that on my blog.