Saturday, February 20, 2010

Center Stage Bingo

As it happens, I am occasionally not the only mad crafty genius amongst my group of friends. Last night, in fact, I attended a Center Stage viewing party (thanks, Nicole), whereupon me and six awesome girls alternately watched and yelled at the amazingly awful ballet dance movie that is Center Stage. But what really took the movie viewing to the next level were the Center Stage Bingo cards that Julie created in preparation for the event. She created a different card for each person, though each one has a close-up of Peter Gallagher's eyebrows as the "free" square in the center. I particularly love that Julie refuses to call Peter Gallagher by his real name, and instead exclusively refers to him on the game card as Sandy Cohen (of The O.C. fame). Each card was filled with different quotes (like "bitch academy!") and references (like "Maureen vomits" or "Dancer smokes a cigarette"), and, you know, the first one to cross off all their squares wins.

At the end of the night, I scooped up the remaining Bingo cards and fell in love with how everyone chose to fill them out. I find the angry "x's" on the card at the top of this post fascinating. Like look at how many times this person crossed out "A parent MEDDLES." Could this be a cry for help? I also love the two boxes that were left un-crossed: "Sandy Cohen is pompous" and "Someone is 'dancing for me.'" For the record, I agree with this person in that I don't believe Sandy Cohen was ever pompous in the movie, so I also did not check this box on my card. (It's a matter of principal.) As for the "Someone is 'dancing for me,'" that definitely did happen, so this girl was either bored or asleep by the time that happened.

This Center Stage viewing party attendee chose to use festive circles to mark her Bingo card, which I find aesthetically darling. My favorite part? You guessed it: that she chose to forgoe a black-out Bingo card "win" based on the fact that she didn't feel that any of the gay dancers ever acted SUPER GAY. (She felt they only acted regular gay, and that was not enough to check off the box.)

This last Bingo card might be my favorite as it is lovingly adorned with sweet little stars. Plus this person was a true black-out winner! But doesn't it make you a little bit crazy that she didn't put a star in the "free" Sandy Cohen's eyebrows box? My guess is that she just didn't have the heart to cover up such eyebrow perfection. And really, I don't blame her.


  1. Love the post! Liana, I must also add - for your benefit - that the "BINGO" font is called Cooper Black, in honor of the Cooper Nielson character.

  2. My purple circles! I did find them rather aesthetically pleasing. And also, super gay.