Sunday, April 4, 2010

Last Year's Bonnet

OMG, that is so last year's bonnet...

Have you not heard that phrase?

Well, that's because I made it up. You see, there had to be some catch-phrase to define what happens when you start making something with the intent that you will wear it for the current season, but then all of a sudden the season changes and you're like, wait a minute, I'm not going to wear this until next November. At that moment, the item has become "last year's bonnet." And this is precisely the case with the bonnet shown here.

You see, around early March, I was tired of all 900 hats that I own and decided I needed a new one. A dandy hat--one unlike all the others. I needed one that would allow my trademark double-buns to remain unjostled whilst keeping my ears warm. I also liked the idea of a bow at my chin. Thus, the bonnet was begun!

I grabbed my Knit Yourself Pretty magazine--yes, the very one that spawned the name of this blog--and decided I'd make the Baby Doll Bonnet. I pulled out some special stash yarn I've been saving for a rainy day--Mountain Colors hand-painted yarn, gifted to me by Leslie in SF in her big move-out yarn giveaway (bless you, Leslie!). I cast on and I picked up and I cabled and I admired my handiwork...and then about two seconds later--when I was halfway through the hat--the weather warmed up to about 70 degrees.

All March I kept thinking, but this weather can't last...and it didn't. It definitely got cool again. However, it never really got cool enough to get back to hat weather. And now it's April and we are firmly into blazer season, my old wool coat just about ready to go into retirement.

So it is with some irony that today I sat outside sweating in a tank top, slurping iced coffee, and working away on the second half of last year's bonnet. Well, I suppose it is Easter after all...and if there's ever an appropriate day to do something bonnet-related, this is it.

Happy Easter everyone! I'll be sure to post more about the bonnet next November.

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