Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holiday Head Gear

There's so much to write about after Christmas! All those crappy crafts I made for people...I can finally write about them! I can write about the ones I received, too!

But as I clicked through my photos from last week in California, a different theme began to emerge: people in my family like to put a lot of stuff on their heads. Have we always done this? Have I ever realized this before? I don't know! But this year, we sure outdid ourselves.

On Christmas Eve, we had something like 14 people come over to eat homemade pizza. Somehow over the last decade or so, it has become tradition to give everyone those poppers (or "snappers," as Mom likes to call them) where you pull the ends of the tube and a paper hat comes flying out. I think these are typically done on New Year's Eve, but somehow that fine point has been lost at our house. Up above are Mom (in the middle) and Aunts Ginny and Cheryl on either side. They know how to work the crown!

Here's Dad, who maybe doesn't know how to work the crown quite as well as mom and the aunts. Do you think it might be just a smidge too small?

Here's me and Robb and cousin Kiera.

And here's Erin with her friend Lena--Erin was so hardcore, she wore her hat until it was time to go to bed! (I won't mention how late that was very late.)

Even the Pope wore a hat on Christmas Eve!

Christmas day was full of hats, too! Here's Robb wearing the faux fur hat my mom bought for ME. It was too big, so Robb gets it. I like that it has a chin strap. (For safety, I'm sure.)

There was the knitted beard that I bought for my Dad from Five O'Clock Shadows on Etsy!

And also some tulle that Dad used as a kerchief whilst opening his new IPod Touch.

Best of all, there were the "family hats" that Dad got for everyone that are only to be worn when visiting their future home in the mountains.
Seriously, moments after this photo was taken, Dad grabbed all of our hats and put them away. He was very serious about none of the hats going home with us.

After gift-giving, we headed over to Aunt Ginny and Uncle Chuck's for dinner, where I gave Erin her "sister hat," made from the same yarns I used in my red beret.

Erin also gave Dad's beard a whirl. Tres Willie Nelson!

And finally, at dinner we decided to adorn my head with most of the napkin rings at the table. It's sort of a holiday version of Chiquita was also very heavy!

Whew...that's a lot of hats. I hope you've enjoyed the wrap-up of what me and my family put on our heads this year for Christmas. Hope we inspired you to put something weird on your head next time you get together with your loved ones!


  1. I had no idea we were such a headgear family!

    Is it just me, or do I look increasingly crazier in every photo? It's like by the time we get to the beard, I've just given up completely.

  2. I loved the hat story - I was seriously laughing with tears in my eyes - I loved the pope too. mom

  3. I was SO delighted when I flipped through my photos and realized that I took a photo of the Pope on TV...and that he too was wearing a hat!

    Erin: the beard photo is my favorite! You look so good from the neck down, and so crazy from the neck up.