Friday, February 4, 2011

Turbans for All!

Around this time of year, I start to get really P.O.ed about winter. Snow? Gross! I hate you brown boots! Stupid pea coat, I am SO SICK of you! And, as a person who owns approximately 57 hats, I actually manage to get sick of every last one of them around this time of year. And that is why I decided to start making turbans. As you can see in the photo above, I may be depressed about the snowy conditions, but my pout is suddenly a bit more glamorous, and the blue of the turban is a bright spot against the bleak horizon. Right?

OK, I really got the idea to start making turban headbands because I saw a pretty girl in the 6th Avenue subway station who was rocking one in cream. I observed it while pressed up against other human beings in a heavily crowded stairwell, and I thought to myself...hmm...I could totally make that. When I got home, I pulled out my overflowing yarn bag and started to play with colors. I wanted to do stripes, and I wanted to burn through my stash.

The blue-and-green turban came first--knit in chunky wools, I had it done in about two hours. I pretty much just knit a big long strip. Then I tied it in a knot to turban-ize it, and then crocheted the ends together to form a circle. Whamo! You've been turbaned.
I then, of course, had to do a pink and red turban since we're coming up on Valentine's Day and all of that. Plus, doesn't everyone need a little pop of color in winter? In my opinion, it's crucial to our survival!

My two models here--Julie and Jess--were more than happy to put these puppies on their heads at a dinner party last weekend. I was curious to see how they would look on different hairstyles, and as you can tell, the answer is CUTE. I love the blue turban over Julie's swoosh of black bangs and with her glamoriffic red lips. Jess in the red headband is a vision of girliness, and her voluminous curls playfully envelop the headband. Yay!

Once my turbans passed the "must look good on many heads" test, I posted them on my Etsy shop: HeyAllday Handmade. That's right, you can buy your very own! Then we can all get through winter together...turban style.

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  1. How do those turbans hold up in 75-degree weather? Because that's how awesome it is here right now! (For reals, you're giving me at least one for my birthday, right?)