Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's In the Bag?

Know what's awesome? I will tell you what's awesome. Sitting at work, editing away when your coworker knocks on your door and says, hey, do you want some greens from my garden?

There is really only one answer to that question: hell's yeah!
Natalie is the cookbook editor at Stewart, Tabori & Chang. She is lovely and generous in every possible way, but this one really takes the cake. Manna from Brooklyn is what I call it! Last year we became gardening buddies when we discovered that we both have backyard veggie gardens, and now we get all giddy about our plants together and swap tips (yesterday I explained to her how to make a manure tea for your plants, which is just as gross as it sounds). But when she came in yesterday with these bags and bags of greens, I was totally floored. We have kale! Spinach! And rainbow chard!

But why on earth is she foisting all of these veggies on her editorial colleagues? Well, apparently, their crops this year were insanely plentiful, and now they need to clear out the spring greens and get their summer plants into the ground. So, it's harvest time! And the employees at STC  are the winners when it comes to this bounty.
These pretty colored stalks are A-OK with me. (I would do two thumbs up, but see, I'm holding all of this chard.)
And as if that wasn't generous enough, today she knocked on my door again and suggested I take this giant GIANT bag of arugula and mustard greens. Natalie, you're killing me! How will I ever repay the favor? Let's just hope we have a really really big tomato crop this year...and then, we shall embark on a delightful Brooklyn veggie exchange.


  1. Why does no one ever bring bags of greens to me at work??? For some reason the mustard greens and arugula look especially delicious. I want to eat them like popcorn. (As in, out of a giant tub with lots of butter and salt. OK, not really.)

  2. buttered arugula!