Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Modern Carpet Bags

So I have a new thing: carpet bags. As in, I've just started making them for my HeyAllday Handmade Etsy shop. And I am totally in-love/addicted/not-turning-back/making-them-like-a-madwoman. 

Funny enough, the idea to start making autumn-inspired carpet bags started right after I got back from Hawaii. The tan was still fresh on my skin and the temperature outside was perfectly summery, but the season had definitely changed in my head. I guess part of me started thinking about those chilly months to come. And that brown corduroy jacket that got stolen from a bar last March (it was only my FAVORITE jacket, jerk-face who stole it). And I was also thinking about how I made all of these shopping bags in bright springy colors for the In God We Trust Bazaar last December, and how I looked around the room at the other vendors--who were selling hats and mittens, cozy coats, and holiday hair decorations--and thinking, oops...might I be off by a season?
And so, inspired by some vintage upholstery fabric I stumbled upon and a desire to get it right this fall, I started cutting. I made a nice rounded bubble shape, then cut out a pretty contrasting lining fabric in the same shape (see the fun geometric lining fabric below!). Then I sewed them up, made some nice long straps out of heavy-duty gray fabric, and before I knew it, I had this great vintage-inspired but not-too-old-timey bag--super strong and sturdy, and big enough for all of your nerdy books, earnest journals, Sharpie markers, reusable coffee cups, and the other clunky things that ladies like to tote around.
I, of course, immediately wanted the first bag for myself. (This always happens when I make things to sell...I want them all! But I can't have them all! And I certainly don't need them all! But how do I choose a favorite?) And it's for this reason that I haven't put the bag below up on my Etsy shop. I have effectively rationalized this decision because it's the prototype bag, and the raw edges of the lining aren't hidden, and so who would want this bag anyway, right? But secretly, I just sort of kind of fell in love with it and am having a very hard time uploading those photos to Etsy.
 But this one...this here sweet little burgundy bag below...I have decided that it's ready for the big time. And so you will find it up on my Etsy Shop--the first of the HeyAllday Handmade Fall 11 Bags! Expect A LOT more to come. I've already made two others that are a smaller purse-size with vintage gold fabric. Again, I must repeat, I'm sort of smitten. I can't wait to take some photos and share!


  1. Those bags are so pretty!! (And I bet I could fit ALL my underwear in one of them!)

  2. I love carpet bags...perfect to carry all my watercolor stuff or anything! I love the dark, vintage bark cloth - In olive green, ok?