Sunday, March 17, 2013

Adventure Backpack

A couple months ago when I dyed my backback turquoise, I had a vision. It was me in cut-off jeans, hiking through an overgrown trail in the jungle. I imagined there would be boulders to sidestep and large, bushy jungle plants I'd have to push back with my forearms. I imagined that it would be hot and sticky, and that at the end of the trail would be something fabulous--a swimming hole with a gushing waterfall perhaps? A tall stand of trees in the midst of a rain forest? Or, perhaps a Mayan temple. Yes, a Mayan temple would work nicely.

It's funny how wrong it feels to wear a turquoise backpack with a black wool peacoat in the winter in New York City, compared to how right it feels to wear a turquoise backpack with cut-off shorts, a tank top, converse sneakers, a cowboy hat, and yes, even a bandanna tied around your neck. So I suppose that deep down when I picked my dye color, I had my trip to Mexico in mind. I was creating an Adventure Backpack! One that would serve me well while mounting hundreds of crooked hand-built steps to reach the top of a Mayan ruin. One that I wouldn't mind getting messy or sweaty. And in a color that goes well with the smells of sunblock, sweat, and possibly Pringles. 

It's funny, though...after sifting through all of the pictures taken by friends on this trip, I wasn't able to find a single straight-on shot of my turquoise Adventure Backpack. But I think these ones I did find get the point across. Oh, to be on an adventure again...till the next time, backpack, till the next time.


  1. My Barbados backpack is striped!
    No hiking. Just the fish market and the beach.

  2. You look so Indiana Jones in that picture! Turquoise backpack included. (In other words: JEALOUS.)

  3. I would like to believe that if Indiana Jones were a girl, she would have a striped backpack in a tropical hue! And maybe just go to the fish market and the beach.

    Also, I need a lasso!