Monday, November 1, 2010

Zack and Renee

Mom's New Haircut from Frequent Flyer Productions on Vimeo.
Since this blog is dedicated to all things handmade, I thought I'd put a spotlight on this video that my dear friend Zack made about his mother. I don't often think of things like film as being "handmade" since the tools to make it have hard metal parts and require electronics--nothing like the soft fuzzy yarn I'm used to! But when you watch something like this, you can see his hands (and his heart)--hell, maybe even his spleen--all over it. It came from the humblest of places in the human experience: the desire to make something in hopes of helping someone. And in this case, Zack uses the medium of film to its fullest: to share emotion, to share an experience, to show you what strength looks like, and to rally support.
Here's the skinny: Zack's mom, Renee, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in the last six years. Sometimes we talk about what it means to be a strong and graceful woman. Well, no one's got nothing on Renee. I'm so happy to have the honor of knowing her--she's a good example for us aspiring strong and graceful women.
Because his words (and Renee's) speak MUCH louder than my own, do me a favor: watch the video. Zack's wife Sara, and his sister Shawn, are walking with their team "The Healthy Hooters" in the Susan G. Komen 3-day Walk for the Cure. If this video strikes a chord with you, click here to support their team, to support Renee, and to support sisters, mothers, daughters, and lady folks everywhere.

Special note: if after watching the video you ask yourself, my goodness, what is this spookily gorgeous song? Know that it was written and recorded by our friend Chad Reisser who was inspired when he saw a rough cut of the video. It will (fingers crossed) hopefully become a track on The Dailes next record. Go check them out, too, while you're at it:

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  1. What an amazing woman. She is beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.