Monday, November 29, 2010

Bags Bags Bags!

I am taking a quick break from sewing to tell you that all I've been doing with my life lately is sewing bags. Bags bags bags! For serious, I'm making a boat load of bags. (Have I mentioned that I'm selling them on Etsy? Check out the current crop here...more to come soon!)

But why so many bags, you ask? Well, I'm going to be selling them at the In God We Trust holiday bazaar on December 11. Me and 12 other sellers will be hawking our handmade wares at their Greenpoint shop at 70 Greenpoint Ave between 11am and 6pm. Fun times! Booze served! We're gonna get you all liquored up so you'll buy a shocking amount of handmade goods! So, I'm sewing up a storm for this event, hoping that HeyAllday bags will be stuffed in stockings everywhere.

In the midst of this, I thought I'd take a moment and show you a couple that I made recently. The fabric design reminds me a heck of a lot of the prints Dwell was doing four or five years ago...that's what you get when you buy recycled linens at the fancy Salvation Army in Chelsea! The bag shown at top is my first go at a two-tone bag. I LOVE this technique...the bottom part of the bag appears to be denim or something, but it's actually a really soft flannel material. The bag below it is pure sheet. (And by sheet, I literally mean sheets...I'm not saying shit in a funny voice.)

These photos were taken on a gorgeous day weekend before last. I love the light Robb was able to get in the photos, but I'm so mad that we didn't get a single shot of the really cute hat I was wearing. It was if Annie Hall shopped at Anthropologie. That is how I felt wearing that hat! We strolled about all afternoon snapping photos, and we managed to capture bags (of course), my big ugly boots, and this photo of me wearing my giant white sunglasses in winter. And HOLDING the hat, of course. Sigh...I promise to wear the hat for all of you sometime soon. Then you can all proceed to mock me for imagining that I have a hat cool enough to say it's what Annie Hall would buy at Anthropologie.

But aren't you excited about the bags?

And finally, for no good reason, here are some leaves. A quick snapshot en route to work on a rainy day. What I love best about this photo is that I managed to capture the toe of my beloved cowboy boots, which in itself looks not unlike a wet leaf.


  1. Pure sheet. Hehehehehehehehehehe.

    Hi! I like your bags! I'll take 300, please.

  2. Erin, if you ordered 300 bags I'd have a heart attack.

    (And I love "pure sheet" too. ha ha ha...still laughing.)