Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Bazaar Time!

Tomorrow is a big day kids: I'll be setting up camp at the In God We Trust Holiday Bazaar, selling my HeyAllday Handmade wares. We've got a plethora of tote bags, all of which have attached stuff bags so you can cram them down to size and stick them in your purse. Plus, in a moment of absolute crazed crafting last night, I even made a bunch of mini "grocery list" fabric-covered journals. May you never forget to buy the toilet paper ever again!

There will be 12 other vendors of handmade and vintage goodness, food from Roberta's, and FREE cocktails poured by my dear friend Morgan. If you're in Brooklyn, stop on by, won't you?

Saturday, December 11th
12 thru 6pm
In God We Trust
70-72 Greenpoint Ave
(near the corner of Franklin)
Brooklyn, NY 11222

(I am, officially, a bag lady.)


  1. A bag lady -- and you don't even live in Berkeley!

    I wish I could be there tomorrow. I really, really do.

  2. I'll bring my blue tooth and we can talk the whole time! I'm sure my potential customers will love that.