Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In Defiance of Hat Mockery! my previous post I mentioned the If-Annie-Hall-Shopped-at-Anthropologie hat, perfectly aware that this is a pretty darn grandiose claim. As luck would have it, today in New York City it was raining a gross rainy rain. I pulled on my muck boots, a sweater and some jeans, and on my way out the door grabbed the If-Annie-Hall-Shopped-at-Anthropologie hat. I had a "go get 'em" attitude and a bright red umbrella. Rain could suck it.

On my way home, I stopped off at Robb's bar to surprise him with a quick hello. He and his cousin Tara were the only ones there, and as I crossed the street, I could see them squinting through the window and then erupt into laughter as they realized it was me. I figured they were just happy to see me, but it turns out, they were laughing at the hat. The first words, in fact, that came out of their mouths were "that hat looks FUNNY on you," which I could only sort of hear through muted laughter.

So, my friends, I'm afraid that my Annie Hall hat isn't as cool as I thought it was. BUT, since I promised, I had to show it to you anyway. I like to think that Annie herself had to endure the giggles of her peers and loved ones as she donned a tie and men's trousers for the first time. (Never mind that Annie Hall is a fictional character...don't ruin this for me!) That said, my theme for today is bravery in fashion, silliness, and a love for some things that others don't understand (but that they absolutely under no circumstances can take away).

I also like the hat when it's folded down like this, too. Makes me want a filterless cigarette and a stiff martini.


  1. This post makes me think of Mom in so very many ways.

    I like the hat! But I have no taste.

  2. Is it the part where I believe that Carrie Bradshaw didn't know Mr. Big's name until the final episode?

    "But...I must know your name, Mr. Big..."

    "It's John."

  3. Wow - in the two pics it's Annie Hall mutates to Ma Kettle.

  4. Ha! I'm feeling the love, guys.

  5. Ok, you two are such brats...I know that I'm correct about Mr. Big!

    Erin, how does this hat make you think of me?
    I'm insulted.

  6. And now we're all feeling the love!