Monday, May 30, 2011

One of the Happiest Days

This is how my day began: sunshine, grapes, flip-flops, bags, and my camera. In many ways, this photo feels like a self-portrait, and the name of that portrait is "Happy Summer!" (And as a side note, you may be wondering if I made that blanket that sports my very own name. The answer is this: no. But someone at my ex-boyfriend's church did. This was given to me by a boyfriend when I was 15 year's old, and when you open up the blanket fully, it does indeed say "Chad + Liana." Why have I held onto it all these years, you may be wondering. Um...wouldn't you? It's amazing! Though Robb, admittedly, doesn't love to use it for picnics.)

For the last few years, I've had a series of truly excellent Memorial Day weekends. What is it about Memorial Day? In my twenties, it seemed that 4th of July was the magical holiday, but no longer...Memorial Day is the new fave. It seems to always be the first truly hot weekend of summer, and I LOVE hot weather. Even hot, humid weather. Especially at night. It's my thing. Additionally,  for three-years running, Memorial Day weekend has been when Robb and I finally set out the plants in the yard. I have a three-day weekend, the ground is nice and hot, and the timing is perfect for putting the tomato and pepper plants in the ground. 
This year was a triple whammy of awesomeness because our friend Julie decided to host a rock and roll party on the roof of her apartment building. So we all assembled around 5 or so and basked in the golden light. I brought a refrigerated bag full of ice, bottles of champagne, and homemade syrups--peach/mint and lemon/ginger--so we could mix up some flavored champagne spritzers (and boy did those go down nice). But my favorite thing was the people who came wearing their HeyAllday Handmade items! Here's Tessa above wearing the fabric hair flowers I sold at last week's bazaar. 
And Jess sported her bright polka dot turban along with her fabulous white shift dress. (Ryan, in the background, clearly thinks something is hilarious...I don't think he's laughing at the turban, though.)
I also brought some turbans with me, knowing that many of my cutey cute girlfriends would be at the show, and begged them to model turbans for me so that I can put them up on Etsy. Here's Christy, above, in the midst of a golden sunburst!
And here's lovely Tessa trying not to laugh. Or do something otherwise awful or strange with her face. (Much like me, she is the type of person who sees a camera and goes immediately cross-eyed on purpose.)
And Christy, of course, made my day by then BUYING the turban that she so graciously modeled. Who needs Etsy, right? Just ask people to try on your wares, show them how gorgeous they look in it, and boom: the item is sold! (For realsy reals, though, thank you Christy!)
After all of that modeling, the sun started to set and Monogold began to play. But only after the police came and Julie and Lindsay talked them into letting the band go on until 9. (Yay Julie and Lindsay!)
The crowds gathered around and were properly Williamsburged out. (Look at how fiercely this guy is looking at me! I believe he was wearing black floral pants and was wearing a tiny leather backpack...seriously, the fashion at this party was amazing.)
 And then the sky did this...
And the skyline did this. And as the band played, we danced and danced and all realized as a collective group that this was perhaps the most fun we'd ever had.
The night could have ended there, but of course it didn't. Which leads me to the final turban cameo of the evening: At karaoke, draped around Ryan's neck while he sings Prince's "Kiss" in the most surprisingly perfect falsetto I've ever heard. The turban really brought out his inner Prince, don't you think?

Here's hoping you too have had an excellent excellent Memorial Day weekend. Summer is here. Things are good.

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  1. it really was a flawless summer sunday, wasn't it? i wish there was a picture of you and chris doing hall & oats. this post feels incomplete without it.