Friday, May 13, 2011

What's In the Bag?

So here's the deal: yesterday I posted a totally kick-ass post about how much I love old books and how to determine which of your old books are worth something and which ones you can feel okay about cutting up and crafting with. I even got philosophical, which took some major energy. But then something happened with Blogger and it was "down" for awhile so you couldn't see the post. And then the post came back! (YAY!) But now it has disappeared. Like FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH. And I just can't bring myself to recreate the philopophical mood I was in yesterday. So guess what? I'm gonna do the opposite! This here is my answer to Blogger killing my spirit. It's called "What's In the Bag?" And it's probably the lamest blog post ever but I DON'T CARE.

Today I went to the farmer's market with Jess and her little dog Mister. We both work near Union Square, so we've decided we're going to make weekly dates to meander through the market, chit-chat, gossip, and gripe, and hopefully buy some new exotic veggie to experiment with at home. So what was in my bag today?
Chevre! This is some pure goat cheese chevre, lightly salted, and you know that the second I got back to the office I pried off the lid and began eating it with a spoon. Tangy and exquisite. Yum! You know what I'm gonna eat the chevre with?
Broccoli rabe! I have never actually cooked broccoli rabe before so this will be very exciting. I've got some fresh pasta at home, so I'm thinking a little goat cheesy garlicky pasta for a carbo-riffic Friday night.
Know what else we got? Dutch pretzels! I have to say, though, they were a little overly salty. Those Pennsylvania Dutch must be so thirsty all the time, cuz I know that I am very thirsty after eating just one of these this afternoon!

And thus concludes the first installment of my new feature: What's in the Bag? I'm thinking that this is now going to happen every week this summer. Let it be both something for you to mock AND something to inspire you to stop by your local farmer's market. Right?

Also, eff you Blogger! I made the most out of it anyway so you can suck it.


  1. You only bought three things from the farmer's market? And one of them was pretzels?

    (This is me trying to be mocking. But I'm having a bad day so my mocking kind of blows.)

  2. Erin, I went to the farmer's market again on Saturday and I bought more stuff! Unfortunately, two of those things were a baguette and a very creamy buttery cheese. So basically, all I've been doing this weekend is eating bread and cheese. Yay farmer's market! I feel so healthy!