Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Love and Snorkeling

One year ago today, Robb asked me to marry him. Which was a pretty cool thing for him to do.

As you may have guessed, I said yes. (Though we won't be married until July...you know it's a long engagement when you're celebrating your one-year anniversary of being engaged.)

On that day one year ago, I was completely and totally surprised. And then after shouting out phrases like "Shut up" and "Oh my God" many times, I put on my pretty little antique ring, which belonged to Robb's grandmother, and we headed for the nearest bar to sip some champagne before running to the hotel room to make $60 worth of phone calls from St. Thomas to various places in the United States.

The next day, we snorkeled. (As an engaged couple.)

This year for Valentine's Day, I made Robb the little embroidered square at the top of the page, stitching our initials inside of a heart, resting beneath a sky of wonky little stars. One thing that I love about Robb is that he didn't ask me what he's supposed to do with it. Because frankly, I don't know. He was just so happy that I made something for him, and that it was pretty, and that I love him. (Function of the square be damned!)

I think it also helps that on Valentine's Day I made him "healthy" red velvet cupcakes made from beets and applesauce, which were, hands down, the grossest dessert I've ever made. (Think gummy cake that tastes like vegetables.) So in comparison to beet cake, a little embroidered square is a treasured heirloom...something to keep forever from the early days of our lives together.

(When I put it that way, maybe I should get a frame for it.)


  1. Aww. Blogspot needs a "Like" button.

  2. Liana!! This is a comment on a blog post that made me cry!

  3. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! We couldn't be happier that you will soon be marrying our son. You are a very special part of our family.
    Tom & Kaye