Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sweet Liberty

I swear. I will not write about swimwear every time I post on this blog.

But today I couldn't help myself!

Liberty of London, one of my absolute favorite fabric companies, is doing a limited edition collection for Target. And they have bathing suits. Rilly cute ones. Oh, and little sleepwear lingerie things, and (swoon)...I just love them. They also have sundresses and things like that. But in my opinion--and maybe it's my yearning for winter to be over--the tiny garments are the winners here.

I guess that what I love most of all is the duality. A company like Liberty of London can design clothes for Target, one of the most commercial outfits imaginable. But at the same time they also make fabric that is available to me at the shop down the street, which I can take home and sew into a sundress. Or a weird looking doll. A pillow, a curtain. Even pants (as I threatened to do in my last post). Different designs, but the same flavor, and seeing them up there on the Target website is akin to seeing an old friend on TV. It's that "hey, I know you!" kind of sensation, and it makes me feel like the world is very small indeed.

In a not-so-Target variation of Liberty of London fabrics, I leave you with this image from the Purl Bee website. Check out their instructions for this no-sew very incredibly easy way to decorate your walls with Swatch Portraits (

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  1. I love that first bathing suit, although I question the use of an umbrella as an accessory...