Friday, October 14, 2011

Dino Help!

Hi, I'm Ankylosaurus. I like plants, crawling, and hitting things with my big spiky tail.
Friends, I have to admit something. I have not been able to stop thinking about these Knitted Dinosaurs! Every time I see a photo of one I start thinking about how I want to make one. They're pretty long could it take? Four hours? Five? That's just one big knitting evening really. train ride up to Rhinebeck for the Sheep and Wool Festival, which I happen to be going to this weekend. Hmm...knitting a dinosaur on the Amtrak train at 7am on a Sunday going to a knitting festival? Why that sounds great!

The problem is this. Which one do I knit!!!??? I need help. I love them all too too much. Here are a few of the ones that I can't stop thinking about. Will you please leave a comment and tell me which one to make? Thank you very much. 
Hey there, I'm T-Rex! I have a reputation for being pretty violent, but I actually have a heart of gold. I also have 60 teeth.

Hi guys, I'm Diplodocus. I like hugs.
I'm Plesiosaur! Just wanted to poke my head up out of the water to say hello. I'm really into seafood, and I love to dance. Just kidding, I swim.


  1. This is so hard!!! (Also, how much do I love that this reads like a dating website.)

    I kind of want Plesiosaur just based on his dancing skills. And of course I'm always fond of T-Rex. And Diplodocus likes hugs!!!

    But my favorite is totally Ankylosaurus. Because he looks tough *and* adorable.

  2. I realized about halfway through the first caption that I was TOTALLY writing it like a dating website. I came "this" close to giving them all astrological signs.

    So Erin, is Anky your final answer?

  3. Ankylosaurus! Just look at his face! He's so BELLIGERENT. He is totes about to say "Yeah, I'm adorable. Wanna make somethin' of it?" Plus he looks like the best to hug.

  4. I know I am too late to help, but I totally love the last one. Now I want to knit one for the nursery. So many things on that list...

  5. OK, I have tallied it up and between Facebook votes and the blog I have 5 votes for Ankylosaurus (The Bruiser), 6 votes for T-Rex (The Classic), 2 votes for Diplodocus (The Pocket Pal), and 2 votes for Plesiosaur (The Sequined Swimmer). You have until tonight at 10pm to vote!

  6. Tough decision but I'm drawn to Diplodocus

  7. It is 10:03 pm, and I would like you all to know that T-Rex has won! For those of you who are upset that such a predictable dinosaur won, I would like to comfort you with the news that I will be knitting him in aqua. Thanks again for all of your participation, friends!!