Friday, October 28, 2011

Pretty Stuff

It's Friday. Why not look at some pretty things? These are all, in fact, pretty things that I have had the pleasure of looking at in person in the last few weeks. I remember a creative writing teacher saying to me once, "notice what you notice." And so here I am, noticing what I notice. And sharing them with you. (I usually just share this stuff with my hard drive, where I then promptly proceed to forget it exists.)

I feel like each photo should have a "Deep Thoughts" type of caption, or perhaps a motivational slogan. But alas, most of them go like this: Brooklyn, pretty.

At the top are a collection of chairs made from twisted champagne wires. And this is a pretty street in Park Slope.
 This is my street this morning.
And these are my boots beneath that tree.


  1. The little chairs! So cute! Isn't it, like, snowing in Brooklyn now?

    FYI, the other night I was looking at photos on my retired cell phone and found a ridiculous number of "Facts of Life" screenshots and pictures of bears wearing birthday hats.

  2. Erin: Can I have your retired cell phone please?

    Also, why don't they make Facts of Life calendars???