Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monkey Face, 1951

Just a little note for today. Because I was just looking at these photos and was thinking about family. And about genes. About why my skin can get somewhat tan and has moles, but my sister is covered in freckles and burns with the sunrise. And yet we can both perfectly replicate that monkey face our Dad (shown at center) is making.

I've been wondering why I only had three wisdom teeth. And how my knees will most likely fail me in this lifetime (and my eyes, too, though they're still going strong). And how my face looks sleepy like my mom's in the morning.

I was thinking about my grandmother (shown below...she's the one in the back), and how fabulous I bet she was. How her face lights up. And how I secretly hope my face lights up, too, in that very same way. Though I have to admit that I've also caught myself mid-scowl, keys in hand, ready to go, done talking, not unlike my grandpa on the left.

While I spend most of my days staring at gorgeous handmade creations and excellent modern photography, I find that these photos--at least today--are more mysterious and enthralling. And sometimes, even though we have a million entertainments at our fingertips, it's most satisfying to ponder the stuff we're made of (a.k.a., our parents' biggest DIY projects of all.)


  1. You light up *exactly* like Grandma Gerry. You always did take after her in so many ways. (Too bad she didn't love you enough to give you any silverware.)

    I'm making Dad's monkey face right now, by the way.

    (I love this post. Family's the best.)

  2. I don't know about the monkey face but I do think you look like your grandma!

  3. Erin, you were always much better at the monkey face, I admit it!

    And I'm glad to hear you both think I take after grandma! I keep trying to figure out what it is that's similar. I almost think it's our posture, or our neck/shoulders or something. Isn't there a fancy word for that? Decolletage?

    (Nevermind...French words are too fancy for this blog.)

  4. Yes, you do take after Gerry- your skin, your smile, your posture. But most of all - you are/were kind of like Sarah Bernhardt-a little moody and theatrical-like (but in a good way)

  5. Phew...for a second I thought you said Sandra Bernhard and I got a little scared.

    So are you telling me that we are directly related to Sarah Bernhardt??

  6. Only 3 wisdom teeth? My friend was born with none. She always said she was super advanced human. :-)

  7. Angela, yes, only three! Apparently our genes are figuring out that these are teeth we don't need and people aren't always born with all of them (or any of them, as in the case of your super-advanced friend!). But three? It's weird. Makes me feel sort of...I don't know...unbalanced. Well, they're all gone now, anyway!