Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tiny Cakes

I've been into Tiny Cakes lately. Not cupcakes, mind you...there's no muffin tin with paper liners happening in my household. I'm talking about Tiny Cakes. In fact, I'm so into them right now that I'm going to capitalize Tiny Cakes throughout this post.

So why am I making Tiny Cakes? The answer is easy. If I make a whole cake, we will eat a whole cake. And by "we" I mean me and Robb. On a Wednesday night. For no reason.

And what are Tiny Cakes? They are just like real cakes except that they are baked in tiny greased-and-floured ramekins.

And how did I start making Tiny Cakes? Well, it all begin two weeks ago with a single rotting banana. It was left over from our week of detoxing...both Robb and I were so sick of "whole foods" and "fruits" that the second the detox was over, any healthy food in our house was immediately ignored and went into various states of decay. (As a dear friend described our behavior after the detox, "commence retox.") I looked at this sad, brown banana and didn't think trash--I thought BANANA BREAD! I got out my friend Morgan's amazing recipe for the best banana bread ever and realized it called for three or four bananas and I only had one. That's fine by me, I thought...I'll just make a third of a recipe. Which was exactly what I did. I then poured the batter into four little greased-n-floured ramekins and baked them up. In the last ten minutes of baking, I put a little square of chocolate on each one, which got soft and gooey in the oven. I smoothed out the chocolate over the top and Robb and I ate them right out of the ramekin. Perfecto! And the best part was, we could only eat two Tiny Cakes a piece. Not an entire sheet cake (like we've been known to do.)

The following weekend, I decided to make Tiny Carrot Cake--Eva Longoria's carrot cake from People Magazine to be specific. Sounds kinda skanky, but it was so delicious!! I whipped up a half recipe, which was way more than enough. For this one, I decided  to remove the cakes from their ramekins and frost them on the sides with cream cheese frosting, too. I'm not a great froster (can you tell?) so my frosting is "impressionistic," only going about half way down the sides.
But really, isn't this a fun way keep yourself from eating an entire cake? Tiny Cakes!! I'm sure Eva will tweet about me and the trend will spread like wildfire throughout the tabloids.


  1. Your cake looks yummy...

    Where can i get the Eva Longoria's carrot cake recipe? Can you post it? I want to try baking it...(inspired by your post.lol)

  2. Yes I want that cake too. Can you just post it pretty please?

  3. I want to be eating that carrot cake right now. All of that sticky frosting!

    Since everyone's already asked for that recipe, can I ask for Morgan's banana bread? Post it here! Or email me. That's cool too.