Thursday, March 10, 2011

Turbans with Elton John Sunglasses

Don't talk to me...I'm too hungover.
So I'm still making turbans. And I have to admit, my February turbans are kicking January's turbans' butts. Not to play favorites or anything...I would NEVER do that with craft projects. (OK, yeah, I totally would...especially because not everything I make is cute. What? It's not like they're my children!) 

I started out my turban headband exploration in January with knitting--worked in a long strip, the knitted turbans have ribbed edges that snugly fit your noggin. I tie the strip in a knot to make the classic turban silhouette, and then seam the edges together to put the whole thing in the round. Simple, cute, fun. I like it. 

A knitted turban on a wintry day
But then last month, a coworker showed me her storebought turban she'd purchased years ago, never to find another one again. Desperate for a replacement (this thing had apparently been worn to death), she commissioned a new one from me. Though it was...crocheted! Something I know how to do but really don't do very often. Crochet produces a rather thick, textured fabric, and I always kind of prefer the look and feel of smooth knit stitches. But for a headband? Why the hell not! Crochet made perfect sense. So I whipped one up in a couple of hours and handed it off to my coworker, who was quite happy to now have two of her all-time favorite headband. And so I made for my b-day gals, Julie and Nicole, and another went to Anna last week, and then my coworker ordered another, and I have been crocheting up a storm since then. Usually while watching Chopped All-Stars, sitting on my derriere at home.

These things have been flying out of my house so fast, in fact, that I haven't even had a chance to photograph them. So a couple mornings ago, I woke before work and decided to take some photos, OF MYSELF, like a total nerd, just so I can get these puppies listed on Etsy. What did I learn from this photoshoot? If you are over 30, you should never take a close-up photo of your face in full sunlight within the first hour of being awake. Or maybe ever. Which is why I pulled out the Elton John sunglasses, which blissfully cover approximately 70% of my face.
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road...
Needless to say, only one of the headband turbans made it up to Etsy, and the rest of the photos have been burned. These ones I found to be hilarious--good examples of how a turban headband can make you look like a glamorous hungover divorcee, or like a boho hippie begrudgingly watching the sunrise. The choice is yours! Though I do highly recommend large glasses and a slightly annoyed attitude. It helps the overall look.

All of that being said, if you want one of these amazing crocheted turbans--which I can make in any color of the rainbow--just write a comment or send me an email or something. It'll be a few days at least before I can muster up the courage to attempt another photo shoot, so if you "need" one now, we can make it happen. Promise!


  1. Liana! How have we not ever talked about Chopped All Stars???

    By the way, there'd better be a turban set aside for me. I think it would look fabulous on my 30-something hungover face. (Perhaps literally on my face. Maybe what I really want is a knitted/crocheted face mask?)

  2. Lianna,

    Only you can help me look like a glamorous hungover divorcee, or like a boho hippie begrudgingly watching the sunrise!

    I will totally take one in any color you see fitting for whatever price you deem appropriate.

    i heart KYP.

  3. Erin: I will bring a turban to Disneyworld for you! Clearly it's the perfect accessory for touring Epcot in the springtime. Also, I can't believe you love Chopped! Speed cooking at its finest!

    Tara: I heart YOU! I will email you now!