Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Winter Rage Issues and Springtime Turbans

Have I mentioned yet that I'm a complainer? And that, at heart, I am a very impatient person? Oh yeah, I am totally one of those people who tries to play it off like I could wait allllll day long...but inside, I can feel the rage coursing through me when I am made to wait. Luckily, this is usually confined to things like printer jams (why do you always jam when I'M printing?) and slow walkers (hurry UP, sidewalk hog!). But in life, when dealing with actual loved ones, coworkers, nature, and acts of God, I do try to find patience. I really do. Last Friday's warm weather, however, nearly killed my spirit. The balmy air and sockless weather sent me into a spring-tizzy, only to be let down by slugs of soft snow plops falling on my umbrella on Monday. How can it be that on Friday evening I was drinking Pinot Grigio in the backyard of Spuyten Duyvil in 70 degree weather!? And on Monday morning...snow?

In the photo above, this is me with a restrained look of rage on my face. Do you see it? The tightened lips that are sort of trying to smile, the pinched brows, the tense shoulders, the death grip on the railing. If my glasses were off, you could see the goddamnit in my eyes. This is me on Sunday afternoon, annoyed that the trees are still bare and that I'm cold and spring did not actually come to stay. OK, to be honest, I was also annoyed because I was waiting for someone who was late meeting me for brunch and I was HUNGRY.

But look a little more closely. What's that you see? Why it's a springtime turban wrapped around my angry little noggin! Just like the tree nubbins I mentioned in the previous post, these turbans are a little teeny tiny sign that spring is almost (ALMOST) here.
Here's the deal--I absolutely love my wintertime crocheted turbans, but soon enough (I have to believe) it will be too warm to wear them. And if the rest of the fashionable world thinks like me, and I think they do, then us fashionable ladies are not done with the turban silhouette! In fact, we're just getting started! And so I thought to myself, how can I wear a turban all year round? The answer: a kerchief-like turban made out of fabric.

The three shown above are prototypes...I am in the process of perfecting the springtime turban. In fact, I really need to meet with my local girlfriends to have a springtime turban focus group. Here are some things I need to know: do you like double-layer fabric or single? Do the printed fabrics look too babyish or are they vintage chic? Would you like to wear a fabric flower on the side of your head? If so, should it be closer to your ear or your temple? (For anyone living in NYC who would like to participate in this focus group, let me know! And for those of you checking in long distance, leave comments so I can hear your thoughts, too!)

I hope to perfect my recipe and have these up for sale in the Etsy shop in the next few weeks, just in time for you to tie your hair back for an Easter barbecue.
But what is it that I'm really trying to say here? I guess it's this: I'm finding my own little ways to work through my March rage issues and fabricate patience where there isn't much left. I am, in fact, looking out the window, a little sun on my face, wearing my goddamn springtime turban. And soon, I hope you will, too!

(Also, when I said "fabricate" a few sentences back, I didn't mean to make a pun. Pretty good, though, right?)


  1. I think the prints you have so far are more vintage chic than little girl. And I would definitely wear a fabric flower on the side of my head, but I guess I'd have to actually hold it up there to know about positioning. But I am also very girly and in to ruffles and bows and flowers. There is a girl I read who is making turban headbands out of old t-shirts, which I think is clever because they have lots of nice stretch. I am knitting some out of a cotton/acrylic blend so they will be cool enough for spring and have some stretch to them. Happy Turbaning!

  2. Knit-O-Matic, I am so glad to hear you are a fellow turban fan! I've become obsessed lately...sounds like you have, too. What IS it about that pinched bit of fabric right in the middle of the headband? I, too, am girly and into ruffles (used in moderation, of course), and so I'm glad to hear your vote of encouragement for bows and flowers. Happy turbaning to you, too!

  3. I like the pink springtime turban. Also, I have the perfect rememdy to not-quite-spring blues, and its initials are DW...