Monday, March 7, 2011

Yuck or Yes

I am, in pretty much no way shape or form, a fashionista. But I do enjoy poking my head into the fashion world now and then, seeing whether wide leg or skinny jeans are "in" this second (trick question: they are both always in), or what fabulous dress Dior sent down the runway that I would never have occasion to wear. I also love looking at "on the street" style fashion reports, though I'm often disconcerted by the sameness of what people are wearing. In fact, a few times in my life,  I have outright decided to ignore a fashion trend altogether in protest of its overuse. (I'm looking at you pointy flats; pink pea coats; ponchos; jewel tones; snake skin anything; metallics.) But really, all of this fashion gawking just boils down to two words: yuck or yes.*

And so today, here are my offerings for you--neither of which fall into the "overworn" category--taken from New York Magazine's The Cut slideshow: The 29 Most Stylish People at Paris Fashion Week, Part 1.

Yuck, I would never wear this two-faced get-up in a million years.

Yes, I would wear this today. And possibly 5 years ago. And possibly 5 years into the future.

Well, that was brief, fun, and had pretty much nothing to do with knitting, craft, or DIY. But it did remind me to go home and dig out my suede leather coat with fringe that makes me feel like Ariel from Footloose!

*The author of this blog would like to restate that she is in no way a fashion expert. The opinions of "yuck" or "yes" stated here are personal opinions, and the author maintains the right to change said opinions at any time, including tomorrow (though, to be frank, that is unlikely).


  1. ariel from footloose has been one of my style icons for approximately 20 years. big hair, skintight jeans, fringe jackets, red boots? yes please!

  2. Ariel's red boots have never gone out of style! Dads everywhere still deplore them...even the nonreligious dads. Ah yes, Ariel created a very powerful, enduring style trend. Except the dress she wore to prom. That was sort of a let-down. (See also Pretty in Pink prom dress.)

  3. Man, I could never pull off Ariel. (For reals, my "style" much more closely matched Ren, right? Or Willard, actually.) Does this mean I have to wear the two-tone pants?